Friday, February 23, 2007

Warming Up...and Then Cold Again

We have had a couple of days with temperatures in the 40s and 50s, and a lot of the ice has melted. Some of the students on campus even wore shorts and t-shirts! There were puddles of water everywhere. Then, yesterday afternoon, a "Canadian Clipper" blew in with gusty winds which made the higher temperatures seem very low indeed. When it is very cold, I detour through Plant Sciences on my way from the parking lot to my office, so that I can warm up a little on the way. It makes it bearable.

There's rather a lot planned for today's class, but if there is time I intend to have the students reflect on what they have been learning in another class this week.


jenniferho said...

The weather was quick change in a few days. When the season take turn, I always get a sick.

John said...

Hi Nina,

Thank you for your message.

The weather in Japan has been very warm. It feels like April! Normally, I need to wear a heavy coat this time of year, but I can easily go outside wearing only a sweater. Since I love cold weather, I feel a little disappointed. However, other people are very happy, because the winter feels like spring.