Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dirty Snow

What I really hate about snow is how after a few days, it gets grimy, like this. I hate thinking that the air I breathe is full of that black stuff--I just don't notice it most of the time. The dirty snow reminds me that I am breathing polluted air. :-(

This photo was taken in the parking lot near the Comcast Center.


jenniferho said...

I hate the snow when it became dirty, either. It is difficult to take a walk.

nazanin said...

I love snow, but i wonder why here they don't clean parkings and streets after snowing.

Nina Liakos said...

Ah, but they do clear them! Where do you want the snow to go? They have to pile it up somewhere!

John said...

Hi Nina,

Thanks for your note today. I'm originally from Arizona. I moved to Japan seven years ago. I am a part-time instructor at three universities here in the Osaka area, and am a doctoral student in TESOL. Please feel free to write me at my email address too: