Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Last Weekend

It's Saturday night (actually very early Sunday morning!) and you will be taking your exit proficiency test on Monday and Tuesday. I wonder how you are spending this last weekend. A lot is at stake for you, because if you don't do well on the proficiency test, you will have to retake the course--a huge expense and a big inconvenience for people who just want to get their degrees as soon as possible.

I hope that you understand that a proficiency test is designed to measure your competence in English. Unlike an achievement test, it cannot really be prepared for in the sense of reviewing particular grammar, vocabulary, or skills. A well-designed proficiency test is like a snapshot of your ability to function in English.

The best way to do your best on a test such as the MEIPE is to make sure you get plenty of rest beforehand; if you stay up all weekend studying for it, you will end up sleep-deprived and unable to do your best. Go to bed early on Sunday and Monday nights. Eat a healthy breakfast before the test, and make sure you arrive in the classroom (HBK 0123) in plenty of time. If you are late, you will be flustered and upset, and again, unable to do your best on the test. The time for studying is past. If you have been working hard all semester, your test results should reflect that, so don't worry. Have a nice Sunday, and good luck to everyone!