Thursday, January 11, 2007

UMEI 005

UMEI 005 (Advanced English as a Foreign Language) is a non-credit one-semester required ESL course offered by the Maryland English Institute for students at the University of Maryland (Maryland, USA). Course dates are January 24 - May 4, 2007. The purpose of the course is to support international students at UM whose English language proficiency does not quite meet the standard set by the university for full-time academic study. We target all four skills in the course, which meets two hours a day, Monday - Friday, for 13 weeks. The students are at both the graduate and undergraduate level, aged about 18-30, and are studying in various fields.

There are about 15 students in the class. We have a class blog and a class wiki, and the students have created their own individual blogs. I am sure they will be excited to read comments from English students and teachers from around the world!

Links to UMEI005 student blogs:







Dae Gun







By the way, we might also be interested in some synchronous interaction, e.g., text chat at Tapped In or voice chat on Yahoo Messenger. This would be possible on Mondays or Fridays, when we meet in the computer lab, from 1400 GMT to 1600 GMT.


Nasser said...
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Nasser said...

Hi everybody

I'm Nasser
I hope we all enjoy the class these semester and have fun

Cindy said...

Hi, Nina
That’s sounds great chat in Yahoo Messenger. I would like to enjoy with your class in Tapped in or Yahoo Messenger but I don’t know I have time or not. Anyway, I will try to do it. ^^