Monday, January 29, 2007

The Second Week Begins...

Our class is settling down, although there could still be changes (new arrivals, withdrawals) up until next Tuesday, which is the last day of the schedule adjustment period.

Today we got a start in our textbooks, Understanding and Using English Grammar and Quest: Listening and Speaking 3. However, we couldn't get through all the material I had planned. Although the students would probably prefer to have fewer hours in class, I wish we had (at least) three hours per day!

Almost every student has created his/her own blog. This morning I showed them how to change the default settings for time zone, comment verification and moderation, etc., and assigned a first post for this week, introducing themselves. I have had several offers from EFL teachers in different countries to read the students' blogs and interact with the class. :-)


jenniferho said...

I would like to have one more hour in this class too. The first hour of class seems just begin;however, it's come over soon in next hour.

Dennis said...

Hi, Nina (and students).

I very much like the "look" of your class blog and I was impressed that more than half of the students have already created their own blogs. I was also impressed to see photos, graphics, and even a map on the student blogs.

Congratulations, everyone! Happy blogging!


Dennis Oliver
(an ESL teacher in Phoenix, Arizona)

Dennis said...
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DenmanJ said...

Hi Nina!

I really enjoyed chatting with you and the rest of the group last weekend!

You certainly have got your students set up quickly; I'm impressed. However, the main reasong I'm writing is to see if my picture will appear with this comment ;-))

Can't wait to see how your students progress!

Jenny in Delft