Saturday, April 21, 2007

An Interview with Ibrahim Rustamov

Do you remember Ibrahim Rustamov, who joined us from Tajikistan for an online chat last week? You can listen to an interview with Ibrahim and another colleague from Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan), done by Avi Arditti of the Voice of America (VOA) when they were at the TESOL Convention in March. The site also has links to other listening passages, so if listening is your weak point, you can use this site for additional practice.


Jennifer Ho said...

This website is really useful for me. Thanks.

Dennis said...

It was really nice to hear Ibrahimjon's voice in the VOA interview. He's a friendly, accomplished young man!

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix

Ibrahim said...

Salom everyone!

Thank you so much for the things you wrote about me. VOA Special English is really useful for American English learners. Their programs helped me to improve my pronunciation :)


Ibrahimjon in Tajikistan